This poem will make me famous,

this poem will reach more minds

This poem is far more advantageous

we’ve learned these sounds since we were five.

This poem will make me meet the stars

will allow me to step foot on Mars

leave Storni, Pizarnik and Cortázar behind

in favor of Keats, Dickinson and Whitman.

It may be harder for me to rhyme

but their green papers run the world

so in other for me to thrive

my brain will know other phonemes and words.

They imposed their stories and views

and continue to do so, watching over like vultures

Their green papers stained with blood

just can’t love other cultures.

All mothers forgive their kids,

so can you please forgive me, mother tongue?

Mother tongue, don’t all mothers want their kids to shine?

Mother tongue

with the universal language

I will know the universe

I will become a sun.